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KISS - Keep It Short and Simple - is the motto of our getNext IT workshops! We offer half-day workshops on specific topics around communication, leadership, meetings, culture, innovation and troubleshooting.

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Workshop Topics

#BetterMeetings – How to boost your Meeting Culture

Meetings are an integral part of everyday work in the IT and Tech industry - important, necessary and expensive. Yet many people feel it a waste of time, unproductive or even unnecessary and demotivating. Learn how to improve your meeting culture, from preparation through implementation to follow up, to be more productive and targeted. We will introduce the getNext IT Meeting Toolbox to you which will help you to start developing a positive Meeting Culture in your team.

  • Do we really need a meeting?
  • Various types of meetings and their characteristics
    • Daily Standups
    • Retros
    • Reviews
    • Monthly reports
  • Preparation:
    • What and why? - Agenda
    • Who? – Target Group Mapping
    • When? - best time
    • How long? - define the framework
    • Where? - location by context
  • Roles in meetings
  • Visualization – Rich Picture, Impact Maps, Stakeholder Maps etc.
  • Responsibilities
  • How to deal with disruptions?
  • Rules for a meeting: lean & effective but with values!
  • How to create “The Meeting Value Map“
  • Meeting wrap-up: consistent & sustainable for vibrant culture
  • The getNext IT Meeting Toolbox

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Leadership Culture – “Who would you follow?”

To lead a team through highs and lows to success is a challenging task and requires a leader with special skills! The leader is model, guide, moderator and more. Trust and respect are just two of many important values a leader must bring along to build a sustainable credibility. Learn in this workshop the foundation of modern leadership culture.

  • Who is a leader?
  • What are the responsibilities of a leader?
  • How to address the people in a team individually
  • Difference beetween management and leadership
  • The leadership toolbox
  • Promote and demand openness and transparency
  • Get and give feedback
  • Reflection and self-reflection
  • Doubt happens!

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#BetterFeedback – the way to Continuous Improvement

Optimization, Kaizen and Continuous Improvement are important objectives in the modern IT and tech industries. They refer to the system as a whole, because you can not optimize a complex system by optimizing a part of it. If you want to optimize your work in a team you need effective and useful feedback of all team members to better collaboration and efficiency. Learn in this workshop how to implement a feedback culture that will be the turbo of your optimization process. We will also introduce the getNext IT Feedback-Toolbox to you.

  • Feedback - always negative?
  • Why is feedback so difficult?
  • Which feedback do we need? – Stakeholder Map
  • Feedback in diverse teams
    • Differences in culture
    • The gender gap
    • Distributed teams -The added value of feedback and ist impact – The rich picture
    • for each
    • for the team
    • for the organization
  • Avoid the one way road – the active way of getting feedback
  • Rules for effective feedback for giver and taker!
  • How to create a Feedback-Value-Map
  • Feedback methods
    • The daily feedback
    • Peer Feedback & Team Feedback
    • Annual Feedback
    • Feedback as proof of understanding
  • Kudo, Stars & more
  • Sustainable Feedback – what happens next?
  • The getNext IT Feedback-Toolbox

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Communication Culture – “Listen to me!”

People who work in the IT and Tech Industry have to communicate a lot, but the quantity is often not decisive! Collaboration, pair programming, DevOps, Agile are just a few ideas where good communication is the foundation for success. Learn in this workshop how to increase the quality of your communication!

  • practical examples of bad communication - spoken and written
  • Communication is complex
  • People are different - You too!
  • Why communication starts with listening, even between the lines
  • Stumbling blocks in the written communication (here: E Mail)
  • telephony: the hidden bugs
  • The right questions - the best tool for open communication
  • Insight into the Appreciative Inquiry and Nonviolent Communication

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Error Culture - “Learning from failure!”

Using new tools? Introducing new methods? Writing new software? - In the IT industry trying something new is part of everyday life! If old trails are left to explore something new, mistakes can happen! These mistakes are expensive and should be used as a source of information to optimize the work of the individual and the team. Learn in this workshop how to implement an Error Culture to gain the full potential of the team.

  • What happens if we make mistakes?
  • Costs from “hidden” mistakes
  • What is “Error Culture”?
  • Mistakes are part of the job: let’s talk about it!
  • Learning from failure
  • Failure! What now?
  • Error Culture begins with failure!
  • 1,2,3….think ahead!
  • The role of communication in Error Culture

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Change Culture – “The market is not blame”

Companies who want to be successful in modern IT over a long period of time have to face a constant challenge: Change! Not the market is to blame for success or failure; it is the company itself! Change has to happen before it is too late, and that’s usually when everybody realizes change is necessary. The unloved change efforts stay frequently unsuccessful before, because people work against it. Learn in this workshop what is required for a successful Change Culture.

  • Why are changes necessary?
  • What is the role of the leader in change?
  • First, I convince myself ….
  • pick up the other where they are …
  • welcome doubters
  • use multipliers
  • Changes need lifeblood - “Give me something that touches me!”
  • Changes - errors are part of it
  • Training - test - training - test …
  • Less is more
  • Take your time and give others time!

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Innovation Culture – “Is new always better?”

The term innovation is omnipresent in IT and Tech Industry. You are waiting for the bright idea? Use the full innovation potential of your organization. Make innovation a continuous process. Learn in this workshop how to implement an Innovation Culture in your company and prepare for the future.

  • What is innovation?
  • How important is innovation for your company?
  • Risks and opportunities
  • How do we create innovation?
  • Help, an idea! - What now?
  • Creating space for innovative ideas
  • Use your senses …

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Dealing with elephants and elks

Everybody in the room knows the cause of the problem and maybe the solution as well, but no one dares to speak out. Do you know this situation? Everyone tries to circumvent this point. Pseudo-solutions are discussed that would make things even worse. Such a situation is a threat to success. It’s a waste of time, because you can’t make any progress. Learn in this workshop how to deal with situations of this kind.

  • Different types of problems
  • Consequences of these problems
  • How are the various problems addressed?
  • What consequences can arise?
  • Appreciative Inquiry and Nonviolent Communication as possible solutions
  • Creating transparency - tame elephants and elks

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BizDevOps - the evolution to more success!?

DevOps shows us every day the benefits of collaboration between different departments. Development and operations work together for more success and less failure. But DevOps shows as well that the steps to implement a working DevOps environment have to be carefully considered. BizDevOps increases the number of opportunities but the number of pitfalls as well! Is BizDevOps an opportunity for your company or an incalculable risk?

  • What is BizDevOps?
  • 50 shades (more or less) of BizDevOps – a (painful) journey to enjoyment and success
  • BizDevOps – Added value or more problems?
  • preconditions for BizDevOps
  • The cultural change in the company - a bumpy road
  • Individual problems and strengths in your business
  • Changes
  • Stakeholder
  • Your custom version of BizDevOps
  • Risks and opportunities
  • benefits and
  • Your road to success / Roadmap

The duration of the in-house individual workshops is defined together with you. It depends on various factors including the number of participants and the current situation in your company. We would be pleased assemble a suitable offer for you.

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